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Mid Summer's Night Beauty Balm

Mid Summer's Night Beauty Balm

This gorgeous Beauty balm has a floral feminine scent to it. It has rose water and ylang ylang essential oil in it which are beautiful for the skin and for the soul.The ylang ylang gives it a honey suckle smell and the lavender and geranium add to the wonderful floral bouquet without being over powering.Along with Aloe Vera and coconut oil this beauty balm does wonders for your skin.This balm is excellent when used as a treatment for the scalp. The lavender helps to soothe irritation and the geranium increased blood circulation promoting healthy skin and preventing dandruff and itchy scalp.  
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    aloe barabensis leaf extract (aloe),GMO-Free Glycine max,  pelargonium x asperum (geranium), lavendula dentate (lavender), cananga odroata (ylang ylang), geranium floral water, cannabis sativa (hemp seed oil).

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