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Deep Tissue Balm

Deep Tissue Balm


Beauty Balm is made with Organic peppermint, Tumeric, Ginger root and many other essential oils that all work together to help penetrate deep under the skin and soothe sore and inflamed muscles. This balm has a subtle warming and cooling effect caused by the peppermint and clove oils. The effect will be more present the more you put on an area. Massage into the sore muscle for relief inflammation and tightness. WASH HANDS AFTER USE.

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    Ingredients:   Aloe barabensis Leaf extract, GMO-free glycine max, Hamamelis (witch hazel) Cannabis Sativa
     (hemp seed) oil. Organic mentha piperita (peppermint), Eucalyptus polybractea (blue eucalyptus)) Curcuma longa (tumeric), Syzgium aromaticum L, (clove bud), Zingiber officinalis (ginger root)

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